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Jill Rush Personal Trainer in Essex
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Personal Training from a qualified PT is often the best way to build your fitness.  In the privacy of your home, workplace or outdoors you will always get dedicated  support. 

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1-2-1 Personal Training

"The thing I love about Jill is that when I feel I need to stop, she doesn't shout or argue - she just talks me through it, then suddenly I find myself back at it working harder than ever."

Female client, 33, Braintree

Some of the equipment I bring to PT sessions...

Jill Rush PERSONAL Fitness

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"Jill is a fantastic, positive and encouraging addition to my life, I truly recommend her to help you make the changes you want to improve your fitness and health."   

  • Every session is pre-planned, to get the best results for you
  • Your training is constantly reviewed and adapted to meet your needs and keep you on track - even mid-session if needed
  • We will train in an environment of your choice, wherever you feel comfortable
  • I will help you train at the right intensity and with the right technique, making sure you make good progress but keep the risk of injury low
  • You will get regular progress checks and regular fitness tests
  • I bring a wide range of professional fitness equipment with me: Power Bags, ViPR, Sand Ropes, Dumbbells and Bar-bells, Kamagon, Bosu, Swiss Ball, Step and more
  • I prepare home workouts, corrective exercises and stretches tailored to you, to keep you going in-between sessions
  • We will spend time looking at your personal goals and what motivates you most, making sure that everything you do in training is designed towards this
  • You will get personal nutrition advice, included with PT
  • Your training will always be progressive and appropriate to your current fitness
  • I am on hand in between sessions, by phone, e-mail or text, to answer questions that come up and give advice