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Jill Rush Personal Trainer in Essex
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Most people just want to be fit and healthy - we know we need to eat better and exercise more, but with so much conflicting advice it is virtually impossible to know where to start.  I make things simple:  the right exercises, the right intensity, safe progression, good nutrition.  This can mean losing weight, toning up, increasing flexibility, increasing strength. 

In all cases I will work with you to agree goals - whether functional (things you want to do) or fitness (things to improve your health).  This helps keep you motivated and focused.

Whether clients are looking for motivation, advice, a place to start, long-term change or just to be comfortable in the knowledge that their fitness needs are being taken care of, I can help.  For me Personal Training is a complete programme of support.

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"The thing I love about Jill is that when I feel I need to stop, she doesn't shout or argue - she just talks me through it, then suddenly I find myself back at it working harder than ever."

Female client, 33, Braintree