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Jill Rush Personal Trainer in Essex
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An experienced Personal Trainer will:

  • Know when you need to stop exercising
  • Understand the changes taking place in your body, and be able to respond through your exercise programme
  • Ensure correct posture during exercise
  • Make sure exercise intensity is safe and right for your stage of pregnancy
  • Know when to refer to your GP
  • Advise on good nutrition for you and your baby during pregnancy

ready to begin?

contact me to book a free consultation and fitness evaluation.  no commitment needed.

The benefits of safe exercise during pregnancy are well proven, and choosing a qualified, experienced trainer at this time is possibly more important than ever.   I am qualified in Level 3 Pre and Post Natal Exercise, and have helped many clients through pregnancy and post-natal recovery  - you can be confident of professional support.

Pre & Post Natal exercise

Post Natal

  • It is normally safe to begin moderate exercise 6-8 weeks after birth, or up to 13 weeks for those who have had a caesarean
  • I can support you up to this point with gentle activity, stretches and work on your pelvic floor
  • I will monitor your physical recovery and recommence a structured programme with you once your health worker has given approval
  • I can support you in the best ways to recover and stay active while caring for your baby, and will happily fit in around your new family life