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Jill Rush Personal Trainer in Essex
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I cater for both complete beginners and advanced runners - clients who have come to me lacking the confidence to exercise outdoors now run regularly with friends and take part in Park Runs and 5k's.  I also help competitive runners improve their Personal Bests - I will train with you, pace you for optimum benefit, review your training schedule and make sure you are genuinely pushed to reach your potential.

If you already have a running partner, can pace yourself well or just like the loneliness of a long distance run, go for Remote Fitness Training instead - personal training plans, fitness evaluations, corrective exercsies and more for £20 per week.

As with all personal training, everything is supported with advice on nutrition whether for weight loss, energy, muscle growth or race-day preparation.

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  • British Masters Athletics Gold Medalist
  • UKA Coach in Running Fitness

Running can be one of the most satisfying, relaxing and beneficial forms of exercise, but many runners place undue stress on their joints through poor technique.  Others are put off by exercising outdoors in front of people, or simply don't know where to start.

I will analyse your running technique and muscle balance, teach you how to warm up and cool down safely, give you exercises to improve posture and reduce the risk of running injury, accompany you on outdoor runs and develop a personalised running programme to get your fitness up to whatever level you want to achieve.

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