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Jill Rush Personal Trainer in Essex

Jill Rush PERSONAL Fitness

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Not that long ago, 'lifelong learning' used to be the buzzword - the idea that all of us continue to learn and develop throughout our lives.  Now there is a growing realisation that 'lifelong fitness' is just as important. 

There is no point at which we automatically stop being active.  My client's ages literally range from 16 to 85 - at each stage of our lives, the right type of exercise and activity performed in a safe and progressive way will help us stay fitter, stronger, more mobile and agile, and reduce the risk of illness and disease. 

Many clients come to me simply because they know the benefits of exercise and want to stay fitter for longer, others because they have an ambition or planned event they are working towards.  Some are recovering from injury and have been told to exercise to speed recovery - knowing the right level of intensity to exercise at, making certain you are performing the exercises correctly and avoiding risk is critical.  You will never be pressured to do things you are not yet ready for.

If you want to continue doing the things that you enjoy, I can help.  Through a combination of tailored aerobic exercise, strength training, stretches and increased activity, your health and mobility will significantly improve. 

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