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Jill Rush Personal Trainer in Essex
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"Since training with Jill, I am much more aware now of my health and how I feel, rather than my weight or clothes size.  It has made me much happier."

Female client, 29​​

Many clients want to lose weight, and in many cases reducing body-fat and waist-to-height or waist-to hip ratios will really improve your health and lower the risk of major disease.  I can support you with that, and keep you motivated often where it feels like you have hit a 'brick wall'.  

I know the challenges people face - in my early 30's I lost nearly 5st.  However, my firm belief is that long-term lifestyle changes are what help most - fad diets and rapid weight loss never truly work!  I will work with you to identify exactly what is preventing weight loss.  As part of your PT training I will review your diet, monitor weight and body-fat, advise on what changes to make first, prepare food plans and agree targets that will get you to where you want to be.  I do not sell diets or food supplements - you can be confident that the advice you get is professional, objective and specific to you.

Of course diet and nutrition are not just about weight loss.  Good nutrition is essential to give you the energy to be active, and in many cases achieve the goals you have set yourself.  This can be whether you want to lose weight, become more active, improve in a sport or meet a tough physical challenge.

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