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  PRICE List 2020

    There are a range of payment options, from buying single sessions, a fitness package (which includes support with nutrition,

    a health check and personal home workout) or monthly memberships.    Monthly memberships offer a fixed price monthly fee

    for personal and group training, with a simple, single monthly payment and discounted rate if you train regularly. 


    Personal Training
     1-2-1 Personal training at home, workplace, outdoors or through Skype. 

     Fitness Assessment and Consultation                                                                   FREE
     Single Session: 1 hour (booked up to 2 weeks in advance)                           £55 per session
     Package of 10 PT sessions, home workout and nutrition review                £475
     PT Membership 1: up to 5 1hr sessions per month                                           £190 pcm*
     PT Membership 2: up to 10 1hr sessions per month                                         £350 pcm*

     Fitness Coaching, including one 1-2-1 session each month                        £20 per week*

     *All memberships include regular health and fitness checks,  a personal training programme,

      progress monitoring, individual home workouts/corrective exercise and ongoing support with diet  

      and nutrition.

     Small Group Training
     Personal Training for small groups of 2-5 people.  Prices are per person.                                          

     Single Session                                                                                                                          £35 per session
     Group Training Programme 1: up to 5 sessions per month                                  £150 pcm*
     Group Training Programme 2: up to 10 sessions per month                                £250 pcm*

     Injury Prevention Clinics:  Group resistance training to build                             £10.00 /session
     strength and protect against running/exercise injury.


     Nutrition Consultation and 2-week Meal Plan                                                           £100
     Follow up progress reviews and daily meal plans                                                    £150 per month
     Nutrition advice and support                                                                                            FREE for PT Clients


     Corporate Fitness Programmes

     Please phone to talk through your requirements - each programme is priced individually.

    For information and updates on group sessions, plus fitness tips and advice, please ‘like’ my facebook page: