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Sometimes the goal is a physical challenge - I have worked with clients to help them climb the Cuillin Ridge, complete the Three Peaks, ice climb, trek up Mt Kilimanjaro, cycle from London-Paris, beat their 'personal best' in the Silverstone half-marathon, walk over the Sydney Harbour bridge - the list goes on.  

In each case the fitness needs are slightly different - muscular endurance, upper or lower body strength, cardio fitness, anaerobic fitness, agility, grip strength.  I will test my clients' strengths in all of the relevant areas and develop a thorough programme of strength, agility and cardio training to make sure that, when the day comes, they enjoy the experience to its fullest.

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"Without Jill the Cuillin Ridge would have been truly daunting.  With the preparation she gave, it was a thrill and an experience of a life-time.  Jill is fantastic to work with and we have continued to train with her long after the event.  We are now eagerly looking forward to our next challenge!"

Male and female couple, Witham.