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Things are moving rapidly and I know many of you are concerned about or making preparations for the impact of coronovirus.  During this time, it is very important to remain as active as possible for both your mental and physical health. 

I will be working to support you in this as safely and effectively as I can.   

While 1-2-1 training continues, please be assured that I am closely following and implementing all current advice on travel and social contact as it updates, and (as always) continue to sterilise all equipment between clients and sessions.

As/when things move to increased self-isolation, I recommend that you try to remain as active as possible and continue as far as you can with your training programmes. 

If you do need to self-isolate, there will be options that include adapted home workouts, telephone support and 1-2-1 training sessions through Skype to help you continue being active. 

Please let me know if you have any questions at all about this, need any support in preparing for home training or want to discuss how best we can adapt and prepare for your training over the months ahead.

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As of 25th March 2020

The government has clarified its current guidance on work and travel, to confirm that if work cannot be done from home and safe social distancing measures can be met, then people should go to work as normal.  With this in mind, home 1-2-1 training is still available at present.

Please note: 

  • I will be using a limited range of equipment 
  • All equipment is sterilised between sessions
  • You must have the space for us to remain at least two meters apart during the training
  • Outdoor training is not available for the time being

For those self-isolating

  • I will provide adapted home workouts and training programmes that take account of the space and fitness equipment you have available at home, your current fitness level, any medical conditions that affect your training and your fitness goals.  
  • Skype 1-2-1 training sessions are now up and running!
  • Regular telephone support and scheduled reviews of your training and progress will keep you on track.

I am qualified and experienced in prescribing fitness training for those with a range of medical conditions and all fitness levels, where off-the shelf and group home workouts are unlikely to be suitable.  Please ring to discuss any concerns or particular needs you have, and see how I can help.